As Maud`Dib raised his head from the mirror, he saw the giant worm smiling which whispered, "the spiece must flow! yes! the spice must flow"
I met internet in the park today, said "hi" to you.


It only takes one cat
– or person –
to make another feel welcome and special.

"herkesin huzuru buldugu bir yer vardir."

This is me, in Monte Carlo, almost two years, ago.

I worked in a Barcelona based multinational family company for the last 5 years, from November 2009 - November 2014, to be exact. They accepted me as a member of their family, and I was and still am very happy that I could "be" there, and could be with them. It was an honor for me.

It was more than just a job to me. For 5 years, I was simply engaged with the activities of "the family".

It was 1994 in Bilkent (my first university , I still miss the great times I spent there. It had one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever seen), when I used "gopher", "internet" for the first time. Before that, many years ago, I had my first computer (a Commodore 64). I’m knowledgeable about many "things" related to internet, computers and such fields, but as far as I know, Jules Verne never said anything about Kanye West.. neither.

Here, I present to you my first game:

I think I was 12, or maybe 11, when I "did" this, my first “creation”.

Don’t underestimate the ability of a child with a big head.
(there were thousands of lines of code, peeks and pokes, sprites, and yes, even graphics in it).

It was sold 1,
worldwide, even in the whole universe.

Not a big success but it still counts, no?

From then to this day, I still design, create the covers, logos, pages or whatever I work on, mainly by myself.
It’s like when I put myself in something, it becomes a part of me. In my many works, you can see me, sometimes even directly.

Look at this little bold guy . He is your man (don’t click on the thumbnail, it will not get any bigger). Funny how we grow up and how we write with our keyboards or whatever appears on internet. You could read this part in the voice of those guys with long beards who say "everything is connected" in the universe. I don't disagree with them, but if I had a chance, I would ask them;


I have written various things over the years.. magazines like GAMESHOW ,
Net*Show , FRP & MAGIC , Oyungezer ..

in 2000, my second book, HANCI, was published
and it went into the bestsellers list- after being chosen
3 times as the book of the day (and I broke my own earlier selling record, >1)..

What I most like about this book is the cover.
That hand, as you may see above, is in a cover, a wrap. I just put my hand in a 5,25” disk’s plastic cover and scanned it that way. I had bought that scanner second hand and it was one of my most valuable toys! Below the hand, the M is in "HACKERS" font. You might see it in many places. It’s me.

I used the same font in Internet "benim memleket"s cover in 1999 . This was my first "official" published book and sold very quickly. It was 368 pages, and I did the design and everything else by myself again but this was not my first book. I had a few books, before and also after these . I wrote another book named "ReX" but I never had it published. Also, last year in 2014, I wrote another book- a short story. Well, relatively short.. and it appears that I’ll never publish that one either.

I was raised with Baris Manco, Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury mainly. Other than that, I’m old enough to be able to remember that Axl Rose was a thin and handsome guy. He wore those kilts back then. I had a friend who named himself Slash. His hair was curly like Axl Rose and he was an ugly guy. He and many of my friends had many girlfriends.

I had my Amiga.

I played Zak McKracken ,
Maniac Mansion, Another World ,
almost all the games of Psygnosis, Microprose, anything and everything from Cinemaware (like It Came from the Desert or TV Sports Basketball ), Dune II, GODS , Kick Off , Sensible Soccer, Pinball Dreams, Monkey Island and many more for sure.. for months, years..

What I still play when I have some time is, Age of Mythology , extended edition.. I bought a PS3, two years ago and played a few games on it for a little while, once in a week or once in two-three weeks. I couldn’t find much time to play with it but I just like it. Especially last GTAs graphics and sounds, I found the overall game quality amazing, as a person who played the first and all other GTAs..

Since last year, 2014, I have liked .. [That is Elijah Wood there ;) made the voice over. The first part of Broken Age funded 3.3M on .]

Speaking about last year, I went to Miley Cyrus concert. Also, in 2014, on the same day, I watched Sepultura live, then Fazil Say and his friends, and after that Prodigy. Such is my taste, and I’m also a big fan of this guy; and Daniel Defoe, and other big names who have such beards. Sepultura created Ratamahatta, there were books, before Twitter and once Miley was a pretty young lady.

I studied English Literature for 5 years.
My sole reason to decide to do that was to understand this guy better .

I created literally thousands of websites, including MesajTahtasi, in 2005 , right after Gölgeyele and MUDERNTIMES.. I can mention many more but these three were the ones that I used my name on, and probably the most liked ones.

As I mentioned before, I’m well known for things related to technology, computers, etc., but I did and still do many other things, naturally.

For example; I cannot dance and I love animals.

This one in the below and its two brothers (or sisters, I never knew and it didn’t matter)
were my last pets ..

I was raised with dogs, cats, fish, turtles, and other animals..

One of my best and happiest times were when I was 4-5 years old, and we lived for about 1 year "in" a forest with my grandfather, grandmother and my aunt. There I remember many nights when I told them stories about big sailing boats, people who carry things, about the forest, and so on. It was always a very mysterious and exciting thing to be in a forest. Trees, lakes, animals... Back in those days, I was never afraid of snakes, or any other creatures. One day, they even found me away from the house, with my bare feet, sitting within a flock of storks.

Some time in my early childhood, I was with 8-9 dogs as a child. All were bigger than me in height. I "literally" rode many of them, and loved them as I loved many animals later in my years..

In later years, I still grew up with many animals. I lived in my grandmother’s house, and we had many dogs, cats, birds and turtles, all together in one house.

Sometime later, I started university and left my grandmother’s house, forever.

Since then, I have looked for the same feeling that I had when I lived at home and when I was among dogs, cats, my other pets and animals. I have searched for this similar feeling over the years, and assumed that I could find it.

I couldn`t.

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